Thursday, August 09, 2012

Brilliance Afield

Celebrating the moon
by me, Mary Stebbins Taitt
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Brilliance Afield

Burning the wild lands, the moon rises gold; gold the eyes of wolves
Running in a rapid crouch up the snowy hill.  Exhaling,
I slip into the aspens, follow their tracks into a threshold of
Light under the firs.  The moon squats fat among them. I
Linger and watch, afraid.  Discard the fantasy that
I could be accepted, that I could be safe, that I could run.  With them.
A screech of owl cries. Wolves sing: close chorus, far response.
Nothing contains the fierce sacredness of this music.  I want to
Call back from this hidden body.  I pluck a tuft of fur from a drift,
Embrace bare branches, moon-bruised sky.  In

A cloud-smudged mirror of ice, shadows flicker, a broke
Face of moon shimmers.  I whisper: elk, caribou, antelope.  Stubbornly,
I reclaim the dream of hunting with the wolves.  Oh folly!  Will I return to this
Evening over and over, sifting through these images, lies and dreams?
Late-night owl calls again.  Wolf tracks fade in drifting snow.  I glimpse
Deer, then fox.  Braid my tracks into theirs.

1)This is an Acrostic poem. Acrostics are often used as games or doggerel. I have chosen here to attempt a serious acrostic poem. 
2)I would like to invite anyone interested to "play along" by writing serious (or not-so serious) acrostic poems and then posting the links in my comments section. I am sure you all know that in an acrostic poem, the first letter of each line creates a word when read vertically. It is a fun way to write about love or friendship or any other topic.
3)Poem and art by me, Mary Stebbins Taitt, published in Avocet. I'd love to think all of you subscribe to Avocet and have already read my poem, but I am guessing that is not the case. Because published poems are often read only by those who subscribe, I think I may post one of my published poems, maybe once a week, to share them with you. I hope that's OK.
4)I tagged this as a "working" saga piece, because this is my work.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Deleware Water Gap

The Deleware Water Gap, by Mary Stebbins.

Never previously published.

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Monday, July 25, 2005

January, Zero Degrees


The mouth of the moon
no leaving is easy.

Things are always left undone
and rarely neat enough
to pack in boxes.

We push our litter
through a hole
in the sky.

We push ourselves
through a hole
in time.

We leave everyone
with words
stuck in our throats.

No leaving of love
is ever

The zero of moon
matches holes
in blood and bone

and has nothing
to do
with weather.

Peggy Sperber Flanders
as published South Florida Poetry Review
and in chapbook An Array of Textures 4956 St. John Drive
Syracuse, NY 13215
Published in The Comstock Review
vol. 15, #1, Spring 2001

Worthy poems deserve a second chance to be read.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

All About ME

Right now, this blog is all about ME. I am hoping to post the previously published work of other artists. Let me know if you are interested. Mary

The Next to New Shop

When I was a child, we often would visit rummage sales, garage sales and the Goodwill looking for bargains. Times were hard and it was wonderful to discover something special and inexpensive. Our favorite shopping place was The Next to New Shop. The store sold items that were gently used. They were tastefully arranged in a store that was decorated as nicely as a "real" boutique--with dried flower arrangements and art on the walls--it was a real boutique. Everything seemed interesting, exciting, pretty or useful. I hope to recreate in this blog-Zine a "store" as a full as that one with pieces worthy of revisiting. I hope you will "buy" them with your eyes. The "fee" is your time and attention, directed this way again. Do visit many times. And submit, if you wish. Mary

Owl Gate Niagara

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Please send the post with the title of the piece and it's venue of previous publication. If possible, include a link to the originally published piece to to the venue. Do not submit anything that is in a current issue or still "live" (not archived). Post titles should be in this format: piece title, author, previous venue.

While the pieces included in this blog do not necessarily represent the personal, political or aesthetic views of the editors, we will delete anything truly offensive (excessively violent or pornographic).

Flocking Swallowtails Coloring Page

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Second Chance Club

Many wonderful pieces are published once and then disappear from public view. I want to give them a second chance to be seen. This blog republishs out of print/no longer "live" poems, prose and photos. More details to follow soon. Please contact me in the comments space if you would like to participate. Mary

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I have just been born
anew, emerging from the chrysalis
of my former life.

I stretch my wings to dry,
angelic laundry.
You float

down to me. Your wings
are halos, two shining suns, bright

I join you in a wedding
dance as morning rises. We share
honeysuckle nectar. Our wingtips

touch, touch. Open, close. Slow
passion. Our joining
lazy and good.

No one whispers
more quietly than we.

Mary Stebbins
For Bruce
Published in City Edition, May 29, 1989